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Most of us don´t realise that Deaf people are confronted with a high barrier when using written language for the purpose of communicating with public authorities or businesses, for instance. Instead of communicating in a foreign language via fax, e-mail or letter, which is tedious and often does not yield results, they withdraw and avoid contact with public authorities and other providers.


SQAT makes communication flow for everyone!

Would you like to discover Deaf people as one of your target groups and offer a wider range of communication options?

English as a foreign language

How can Deaf people make use of these modern ways of communication?

Most people are aware that Deaf people do not have access to auditory media such as the telephone or news podcasts. In contrast, the fact that using written language generally also is a serious obstacle to Deaf people is less well-known.

Refusing to use sign language in educational settings, for instance, hinders the process of learning English as a second language. Therefore, it is vital to use the first language of Deaf people, British Sign Language (BSL), in order to give Deaf people equal access to information and modern communication via Internet.

SQAT makes communication flow for everyone!

Would you like to discover Deaf people as one of your target groups and offer a wider range of communication options?

We‘d like to present you with an innovative, high-quality system which fulfils the demands outlined above: The ‚Signing Question and Answer Tool‘ (SQAT). 

By following five easy steps, Deaf users will be able to communicate at eye level with your business, your facility or your public authority.

What is SQAT and when can it be used?


A five-step guide to communication at eye-level

1.   The Deaf user signs a question regarding your information in BSL, records it on video and sends it to

       the SQAT service via Internet.

2.   The SQAT service translates the video into English and forwards the content via e-mail to you as

       provider of SQAT.

3.   You as provider send a reply to the SQAT service via e-mail.

4.  The SQAT service transfers your reply back into BSL, records it on video and sends it to the Deaf user.

5.  The Deaf user receives the reply to their question as well as a link to an overview of the personal SQAT

      history regarding their question.


SQAT can be used whenever a website provider wants to give Deaf users the option to contact them (using BSL) in order toask questions, provide feedback, place orders, etc.:

•   Public authorities such as government

     departments, job centres, administrative   

     offices, city councils
•   Facilities such as vocational training units,

     universities, libraries
•   Private businesses and providers such as

     companies, law firms, information providers,

     mail-order, businesses, ...

benefits for deaf users:

•  By providing SQAT, you make it possible for

    Deaf users to get in touch with you.
•   SQAT gives Deaf users the opportunity to

     provide feedback and ask questions

     regarding your information.

Through using SQAT, Deaf users can participate in communication on an equal level.

your benefits as SQAT-provider?

our service

•   Reach new target groups and use this 

     unprecedented  opportunity for unlimited         

     communication with them.

•   Improve your profile by using state-of-the-art


•   Communicate with the Deaf users of your

     website in a smooth and easy way.

We offer you the following SQAT service components:

• Concept development
• Adequate embedding of SQAT into your

   communication system
• Implementation of the SQAT system into your

• Technical support for the duration of using

• Provision of the translation service related

   to SQAT (see steps 2 to 4)

Of course you can also obtain SQAT without the translation service component.

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