RediLead is ideally designed for well-behaved pets weighing

11 kg or less.

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Advantages and Features

RediLead® is a product designed for integration of your pet into your life. It makes the entire process of walking your pet more enjoyable, start to finish, providing your pet freedom to move while keeping you in control.

1. Convenience
Say goodbye to searching for your pet’s leash every time your pet needs to go out or needing to clip and unclip it throughout the day. RediLead fits snugly against your pet’s collar or harness and the key makes it a snap to attach. Once it’s attached, it stays attached, so whenever your pet is ready to go, just pull out the easy to hold hand ring and you are, too! Thanks to the self-rewinding lead, there’ll be no more capturing a soggy leash as it drags through the mud. Since RediLead attaches to most collars and harnesses on the market, RediLead doesn’t require additional equipment purchases and offers a convenient alternative to regular clip on leashes.

2. Comfort
RediLead’s compact and super lightweight design allows your pet to wear it without irritation or annoyance. With RediLead, you solve the issue of constantly retracting and extending bulky handheld leashes.

3. Freedom to Move
The RediLead maintains a slight tension that prevents sagging, keeping your pet close and allowing you to focus on walking. The unique swivel base and comfortable hand ring allows your hand position to mirror the movement of your pet, making it a much more enjoyable experience for both of you. RediLead offers the freedom to exercise, therefore supporting health and vitality – for you and your pet!

4. Safety
Because of the ongoing slight tension on the cord and RediLead’s limited length, your pet remains close by your side. Your pet is always within reach. So the link between you and your pet becomes a true safety connection.

5. Quality
RediLead is manufactured in the USA. Each RediLead is assembled by hand and undergoes quality checks before leaving our factory to assure it complies with the highest quality standards.

Product Features

RediLead® is an innovative patent-pending product with many unique design features.

  • Keep your pet close by your side with the 122 cm lead.

  • Design includes a nestable ring hand hold.

  • Fits snugly to your pet’s collar or harness.

  • Key snaps into place, locking the Redilead to your pet’s collar or harness.

  • Connect the Redilead directly to your pet’s existing collar or harness. No additional equipment is required.

  • Lightweight plastic construction with an effortless cord extension system.

  • Compact, super lightweight design weighs about an ounce.

  • Swivel base allows directional movement of your lead position to mirror your pet’s movements.

  • Self-rewinding cord retains slight tension, preventing sagging or excessive extension.

  • Cord is composed of a polyester cover with a neon yellow tracer over a Kevlar core.

  • Multiple colors available.


You and your pet
will always be
ready with RediLead.

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